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  • jc3 university

    JC3 University is a series of mid-range to advanced classes that cover and discuss a variety of topics as they relate to our faith and issues that face us as adults and Christians.  Pain and Suffering, How our Bible was formed, Understanding Islam, Death with Dignity and many other issues and topics have previously been presented.  Classes are led by knowledgeable instructors, including professors from Carson-Newman and Johnson Universities.  Generally 2-4 JC3 University group classes are offered per year.  Join us on Wednesday evenings in "The Loft" from 6:30 - 8:00pm


    Jan. 28 - Mar 27

    "How to Study the Bible"

    Dr. Jeff Greco

    "How to Study the Bible" will be a 5-week class that will discuss the importance of context, genre, language, and the overall structure of scripture and apply these things to our day to day reading and understanding of the Bible.

    Dr. Jeff Greco lives in Rutledge and recently began attending JC3. He has a PhD from Johnson University and currently is the Director of the Crossroads School of Ministry.  He also teaches Bible and Ethics at Grand Canyon University, and Healthcare Ethics at Eastern Gateway Community College.

    Group Leader: Greg Schloesser, gschloesser@gmail.com & Chad Morris, chad@jeffcitychurch.com

  • jc3 fit

    JC3 Fit is a ministry to continue a healthy lifestyle and fellowship with other great individuals. JC3 Fits is designed for the purpose of exercise, fun, and fellowship.  


    Contact Barbie Dyer for more information


    Leaders: Barbie Dyer, Barbie@jeffcitychurch.com & Bobbi Frasca

  • college-age/Young Adult group

    This group is for college-age and 20 somethings.  They meet on the top floor in "The Loft" Room 2. 

    Sundays -11:00 am

    Group Leader: Jacob Leimeister, jacob@jeffcitychurch.com, Ben & Diana Price

  • Women's Bible Study

    A weekly Bible Study for women of all ages. 

    This group meets on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm in Gathering Place Room 1 (GP1).


    Through personal anecdotes, unforgettable stories, and God-inspired insights, she invites you to draw closer to God, who is as committed to you as he was to Abraham, and longs to call you "friend."

    Group Leaders: Sara Smith, ssmith2685@att.net & Leah Whitus, lrwhitus@gmail.com

  • Men's Prayer Breakfast

    Get your morning started out right- Come for prayer, devotionals, breakfast, and fellowship!  This group is for men of all ages and will meet at 7am in the Multipurpose Room (MPR) every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. 


    Group Leader: Luke Emmert, luke@jeffcitychurch.com


  • Boomers & Shakers

    Boomers & Shakers is our ministry for retired and semi-retired individuals.  Join us in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) on Sundays at 9:30am. A potluck fellowship breakfast occurs one Sunday per month. There will also be several outings/events planned throughout the year for fellowship, fun, and worship.  

    Group Leader: Bob Emmert, bob@jeffcitychurch.com

  • Kidsway (Infant-4th grade)


    KidsWay meets every Sunday morning during the 9:30am & 11am Worship Services.  Infant care as well as Christian Programming for Pre-K-4th grade is provided.  9:30am programming consists of a Bible lesson and a craft or activity.  11am programming consists of musical worship, interactive Bible lesson, and activities. 


    Wednesday KidsWay programming (age 2-4th grade) includes: 

    Dinner--  6:15pm ($2 donation)

    Programming--  *6:40-7:30pm

    *Additional childcare will be provided until 8pm for parents/guardians participating in adult groups or for families with additional children in The Ride or in the Student Ministry. 

    Group Leader: Barbie Dyer, barbie@jeffcitychurch.com

  • The Ride (5th-6th grade)

    The Ride is our pre-teen ministry (5th & 6th Graders) and meets Sundays at 9:30am in Loft Room #4 and Wednesdays at 6:30pm in Gathering Place Room 3 (GP3).  (Wednesdays- Students eat dinner with JC3 Students in the Multi-Purpose Room and then move to Room GP3 for their class.) 

    Group Contact: Barbie Dyer, barbie@jeffcitychurch.com

    Group Facilitators: Joey & Rhiannon Braswell, Elizabeth Mounts, Michelle Emmert, & Candi Nava

  • Rooted & Greenhouse (7th-12th Grade)

    Rooted (Formally Deeper Life) challenges and teaches students to dig into the Bible themselves, guide them to discover what the Bible has to say about their lives, and provides encouragement for their every day life.  Rooted meets every Sunday morning on the top floor in "The Loft" Breakout Rooms (Loft 1 & 2) at 9:30am.  

    Greenhouse (Formally Lighthouse)- A Greenhouse is a place where plants are meant to grow. These plants may differ in size, type, and age, but they all are still plants growing together. Greenhouse is designed to be a place where students who are either young or mature in their faith can come to an environment that is specifically built for them to grow. It is a place where they can develop with like-minded people all pursuing one common goal: to grow in their faith.

    Greenhouse meets in The Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) on Wednesday evenings and consists of teaching, games, fellowship, prayer, and various weekly worship elements.

    "Open Gym"/Hang out-- 6:00pm

    Dinner-- 6:30pm ($2 Donation)

    Programming-- 6:45-8:00pm

    Group Leader: Jacob Leimeister, jacob@jeffcitychurch.com

  • Family Life/PARENT LIFE

    Family Life is our Life Group for moms and dads in the midst of starting or raising a family (Children from birth through high school). Our Family Life Life Group meets Sunday mornings at 9:30am in       The Gathering Place Room 2 (GP2). 

    Group Leaders: Chad Morris, chad@jeffcitychurch.com & Mary Morris