GET CONNECTED.  Join a team.

Be a part of a team! Teams are an important part of our church community. Most meet every week or every other week in the home of a team leader or here at the church on Wednesdays. These teams will help you not only to survive, but thrive as we charter through the pandemic, no matter how long it affects our normal church gatherings. You may find that your team becomes your favorite part of church. To join a team or get more information, select the link below and get involved today!

What is a team?

A team consists of 3-8 friends who

1. connect weekly by call, text or virtual meeting

2. meet face to face at least twice per month

3. register with the church

Ready to go? Choose a team liaison to register your team here: JOIN TEAMS. We'll send regular church news and team resources with lots of ideas to help your team.

Keep scrolling to find out why we love teams and think you will too!

Three REasons

1. Be prepared. We don't know how long the pandemic will affect "normal" church life. But no matter what lies ahead, having a team will ensure you feel connected.

2. Teams are tailor-made. Workout buddies, work friends, coffee pals, book club, lunch bunch, your team can be the perfect fit for your life and relationships.

3. Jesus did it. He had twelve disciples but three people he mentored closely. We read about a time one of his friends pulled Jesus aside and rebuked him. Can you imagine having that kind of relationship with Jesus? Do you have a relationship like that with anyone who wants to see your faith grow?