Jc3 mission opportunity

JC3 is headed back to Western Kentucky to share the love of Christ to an area devastated by the December 2021 tornado. 


JUly 9-15

COST: TBA (< $200)

JC3 will be hosting a short-term mission opportunity to Dawson Springs, Kentucky.  Dawson Springs is approximately an hour away from Mayfield, Ky, seen on the national news when the tornado hit.

A variety of Opportunities are available to serve this year! 

CrossRoad Ministries will be accepting both skilled and general volunteers to serve.  While experience is always desired, those who are freshman in high school and older, who are willing to serve will be welcomed.

Rather this is "old hat" or this is your first mission experience there will be ways to serve for every skill level.

Mission Focus

  • CONSTRUCTION (16 & Older)
  • SPORTS CAMPS (Freshman in high school & Older)

The main clean-up phase from the devastating Tornado that hit Western Kentucky in December of 2021 is now primarily completed . This team will continue to assist with Crossroads Missions goal of completing 20 homes this year.  Beyond construction, Crossroads is desiring to engage and connect with the local community and will be adding sports camps to this summer's mission experience.  There will be a variety of outreach opportunities, but the primary focus will be construction and sports.  We invite all skill levels and willing servants to share the love of Christ to those whom are still hurting from the life-altering tornado. 

CrossRoads Missions

CrossRoads Ministries has made a 3-year commitment to serve Western Kentucky and those affected by the devastating tornado.  They continue to hire staff, build infrastructure, and are going to great lengths physically and financially to inspire and serve a hurting and devastated community.  

Ready to go?

Fill out our JC3 Mission Experience Application to make it official!


We hope you will consider serving with us!

Questions?  Need more info?  Contact Chad Morris, chad@jeffcitychurch.com