Covid-19 Response

In response to COVID-19 our church has created a 3 phase re-entry plan to follow. This plan allows us to stay connected and resume our church worship services as we feel COVID-19 guidelines allow. We will continue to monitor information from our local, state, and national health experts to decide which phase we need to be in. Please continue to connect with us on our social media platforms. You can also ask to be put on our church email distribution list by emailing and giving us your contact information.  We are starting phase 2 of our re-entry plan on Sunday, February 7th until further notice. 


Click here to find out how teams can help you stay connected and involved during this initial phase and lead you to build lasting relationships within our church community.  Teams will become a continuing part of our congregation.


We are currently in Phase 2 and following strict guidelines to keep you safe for our regularly scheduled morning worship services at 9:30AM and 11AM.  Children programs will be available during the 11AM hour only.  All staff and volunteers will be following COVID-19 guidelines as it pertains to masks. We understand there are those who are in a high risk group or simply uncomfortable gathering in the building. Therefore, online services will continue for anyone who chooses to stay home during this Phase. 

Important: For more details on our Phase 2 approach, as we move back into our regular indoor 
worship services 
on February 7, 2021, please review the information provided here.  


When our local, state, and national healthcare officials feel it is safe to resume large group gatherings we will resume larger church services and activities once again. We will continue to practice safety guidelines to keep our congregation and community safe. 

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You can also stay connected through our Facebook page. Click HERE to stay informed.

We are taking these measures to keep our church and community safe and comfortable during this difficult time.

"We are choosing to love our neighbors, and this is the most responsible way to do so right now."

This is not about living in fear. This is about doing our part for the care and comfort of our community.